In life, on most occasions, it is a “Chicken or Egg” situation.

Chicken first or the egg?

We chose the Chicken.

Being created as a part of the ‘Pipeline Management Strategy’, Blue Glory as a platform will continue to get people together and facilitate them to make their choices or decisions. For us it is “People first, people always”. That is why we call it for the people, by the people, of the people.

When things are made available, people choose. There is however always a limitation. We want people to see beyond what is on offer, to demand more and hence we do what all of us decide. And, we will not need a GBM for that. The portal will have multiple methods for people to express like Feedback, Opinion poll and Forums. So that decision making is participative, as they say. In management parlance, we build an Agile Organisation. Broadly, the need of the people in our group could be:

- Housing (specific to a place).

- Investment and Growth in Real Estate (regardless of a place).

- Both !!

Together, let us make this possible.


At the moment members are getting together to participate in the proposed DDA Land Pooling Scheme. Details of the scheme are available under ‘DDA Scheme’ menu. Broadly, in this proposed scheme the society is expected to buy its own land in the areas earmarked by DDA at the prevailing market rate and surrender the same to DDA, who will develop the township/city and return back about 45% of the Land on which the society can construct its flats.

We would need about 200-250 members to go ahead and procure about 5 acres land in the L- zone.

Our Land share cost is expected to be on the lower end of the market rate scale and since it will be based on actual, any changes in calculation after the launch of the scheme will only result in more benefit to the members. We would also explore the right time to enter, the optimum ratio of per person investment and the optimum spread over the time frame. At the moment the market is abuzz with rumours but our guess is this might be some time away. Once the scheme is launched by DDA the gestation period may be 5-7 years, however we expect to be in a comfortable situation the day the scheme is announced and our land is secured.

A two page leaflet is available in Downloads.


Our members are exploring various opportunities in NCR region and will share those amongst others. The opportunities deserving attention will be given the same and then converted into opportunities for all of us. People not really interested in DDA Land Pooling Scheme or looking at additional opportunities will get some soon.