Social Initiatives

Being a Social Welfare Organisation, Social activities would play a significant role in functioning of the Society. Members of BGDOWS will continue to explore as to how they could give back to the society. Being the First Citizens of the country it will be our moral duty to do so. While in service we contribute to nation building and when we go back to the society as a retired person we could continue to do so. As a beginning we are approaching the Delhi govt to support their ‘rain basera’ or night shelter scheme (during winter’s) for the extremely poor. Our people, apart from other things, could support the Delhi govt in ensuring that the ‘help’ reaches the poor and there is proper maintenance and upkeep of these facilities so that the tax payer’s money is properly utilised.

As a Social Initiative we propose Social Impact Assessment (SIA) to undertake activities related to Supervising, Audit and Reporting (SAR) System being introduced in all social welfare activities. Retired and Serving officers will provide selfless service towards management of social welfare initiatives by NGOs and Govt bodies so as ensure ‘social service’ creates the desired ‘impact’ to the society.

We urge volunteers to come forward and join such initiatives and become Associate members of BGDOWS to do so.