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What is bleuTREE ?

BleuTREE would be a Trust emerging from and operating in the area in interest of Blue Glory Society. The blu Trust for Real Estate Ecosystem will have as its objective to preserve and safeguard the interest of the members of Blue Glory and other similar societies functional in say ā€˜Lā€™- zone of the MPD-2021 of Delhi wherein the DDAs Land Pooling Scheme has been proposed.

It is seen that many of our Armed Forces Officers are either a member in one of these societies or are associated with them in one way or the other. Such members are already invested with a large amount of their hard earned money in these societies. It is well known that the DDAs Land Pooling Scheme has been delayed by more than a year now. Even today there is no certainty of its launch in the near future. In such situation it is our belief that societies with good intentions must come together to safeguard the interest of the investors. This will become more significant when the scheme is launched. There will be cases where some people will try to make a fast buck and bring about a lack of trust in the minds of the investors.

It is here that bleuTREE will attempt to maintain the trust and confidence of people within the localized real estate investment ecosystem. One such method to do so is to provide people with correct and verifiable information. Even small things matter and our members are ready to pitch in and volunteer some of their time. BGDOWS will itself take a lead in showing people a path towards undertaking all activities with great responsibility so as to exhume confidence in people. It is possible!