www.blueglory.in is a “MEMBERS ONLY” restricted access controlled platform meant for Community Development activities. At BGDOWS, we believe that “Charity begins at Home” and hence the need to provide a platform to members and ex-members of Armed Forces for the purpose of making wise, informed investments alongside other Socially responsible Welfare activities.

How are we going to be different?

By creating Blue Glory we propose to take advantage of being together on one platform. In Blue Glory our endeavour would be to undertake our own projects. It is proposed that we create this organisation for the people, by the people and of the people and hence allow people to explore and do what they want. To do this, technology can be put to use and opinion/ voting on proposals could be done on this platform itself. As we embark upon to initiate a project in Delhi, we would look out for other opportunities in NCR. Even if we need to collaborate, it will be done by exercising adequate control. For example, society would open an Escrow account and hence regulate the flow of money to ensure timely completion. Complete out sourcing could be done in case of ready projects or those getting ready in 6-8 months time, with transparency and control mechanisms exercised by volunteer members. We are also different because in this society the members would exercise control in decision making, who in this case are serving officers besides the retired ones. In any case, there are no civilians as stake holders.

The formation of this society itself has a unique story. It was formed due to the fact that many of the serving officers were putting their money into other societies formed to participate in the DDA Land Pooling Scheme. Some suggested that it would be wise to make our own society. The advantage being that this homogeneous group can cater to the unique needs of its people. Flexibility in investment options and sharing the benefits that accrues from creating a unique scheme. Today, we have members who have joined and do not have full share of money to contribute immediately. Inputs are being taken from all members to constantly review and fine tune ‘rules of the game’.

Pride and Honour

Armed Forces have traditionally stood for pride and honour. At BGDOWS, pride and honour remains paramount. We will continue to ensure and pledge that each member stands for his honour and dignity and that of the society he is part of. Being a member of BGDOWS would hence be a matter of pride for all us. Hence our MISSION remains to create an organisation that makes each person associated with it feel that pride. And while doing that our VISION is focussed on people. All kinds of people - tall, dark, fat, fair, lean, hungry, caring, funny, greedy, happy, focussed, critical, supportive, confused or inspiring. We accept and embrace people as they are and not try to change them. Instead we direct our energies to create an environment conducive to usher in that wave of change that we yearn for, both for us and the generations following behind. Our motto hence would be People are our Passion and Blue Glory is more about people than anything else.


The Real Estate Investment Communities (REIC) Initiative in Delhi is initiated and managed by Blue Glory Defence Officers Welfare Society. Under REIC groups could be formed from amongst the large pool of members and branched off to other Investment opportunities as desired or in common amongst these members. At Faridabad/ Gurgaon the activities may proceed under Blue Glory Defence Officers CGHS registered at Faridabad. A new entity may be formed for other places, as required. This acronym is similar to REITs which are being launched in the country from March- April 2015. Initially being launched in the commercial property sector, REITs would be like Mutual Fund opportunities for investors.